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 Personnel Conformity Scheme

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·         What is the Personnel Conformity Scheme?


It is a program that enables individuals and firms offering various services to obtain voluntary certification that meets the Abu Dhabi technical standards and requirements, specified by Abu Dhabi regulators and industry experts.


·         Is the Personnel Conformity Scheme mandatory?

No, it is a voluntary initiative that is highly recommended by the Abu Dhabi government.

·         What are the occupations covered under the Personnel Conformity Scheme?

The scheme is built to promote the different standards and requirements for all kinds of occupations that take part in the economic and business development in the country.  To view the currently available personnel conformity schemes, please follow the following link:

·         What is the assessment of applications for Personnel Conformity Scheme?

The assessment is based on the following documents: individual application, test results and photo identification, which are evaluated for compliance to referenced standards as well as consistency, completeness and overall quality.

·         When is the certificate granted?


Upon successful completion of a rigorous assessment process individuals will be granted a Personnel Conformity Certificate in compliance with the Abu Dhabi technical requirements.


·         Are individuals monitored following the acquirement of the certificate? 

Yes, individuals are subject to surveillance once they acquire the certificate to ensure compliance to referenced standards as well as integrity, completeness and overall quality in collaborations with Abu Dhabi regulators.

·         Is there any fee to apply for the program?

The program is currently free of charge. However, fees will be introduced soon to apply for, and obtain the Personnel Conformity Certificate.

·         How can I apply for the Personnel Conformity Certificate?

The application form is available on the ADQCC official website and in the assessment centers. Applicants must download the form, complete it with all necessary details, and submit it to the assessment center, or they can complete the form directly in the assessment center.​