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 Metrology Infrastructure

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Metrology is the science of measurement. In the context of quality infrastructure, an internationally recognised metrology institute contributes to the Reduction of Technical Barriers to Trade (TDTS) enabling access to the global markets.
A developed national metrology infrastructure insuring accuracy of measurements acts to attract foreign direct investments and to increase the economy competitiveness.
Towards this priority the Emirates Metrology Institute (EMI) was established as a national reference and education institution dedicated to enable accurate measurements within manufacturing, research and environment sectors.
EMI aims to maintain and disseminate the reference standards necessary to assure traceability of measurements to international standards and the International System of Unit (SI).
Image traceabilitymeasurements pyramid 

  The pyramid of the traceability of measurements


    The major objective of Emirates Metrology Institute:

    1. Traceability: Through the provision of world-class calibration services
    2. Support of the National Measurement System: Through advice and consultation to all interested parties
    3. Capacity building: Conducting training programmes on metrology-related topics and provision of advisory services regarding metrology-related problems and enquiries
    4. Empower scientific research: By cooperation with research centres and academic institutes in projects requiring specialised and accurate measurements

    Staffed primarily by Emiratis, The EMI currently comprises 10 laboratories to offer world class calibration services to entities across the UAE. These laboratories are well-equipped to calibrate instruments used for the measurement of mass, volume, flow, temperature, humidity, length, force, pressure, torque, electrical quantities and time-frequency. In the future, the institute hopes to expand its capabilities into chemical metrology, nanometrology, photometry, radiometry, acoustics, radio frequency, microwave and hardness.