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 Legal Metrology

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Metrology is the science of measurement. Legal metrology refers to measure​ments when a legal transaction takes place between parties.

QCC’s Legal Metrology capability verifies trade weighing scales used for trade purposes in Abu Dhabi currently. The function of the Legal Metrology team is to protect the consumer and ensure a fair and competitive marketplace in Abu Dhabi.

Physical measurement standards that are traceable to an internationally recognized standard are used to assure the accuracy of trade weighing instruments.


 Image illustrating role of metrology infrastructure

Trade weighing scales used in general retails, gold and oud (agarwood) essence stores have now been inspected for conformity to mandatory measurement standards.

Instruments verified to meet the international standards are marked with the QCC Trustmark. This gives consumers confidence and ensures economic value to buyers as well as sellers.  ​​​​​