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 Information Center

Awareness of quality standards is based on easy availability and accessibility of information for all stakeholders. If you are a consumer in Abu Dhabi you need to know about the safety, conformity and performance of products in Abu Dhabi. You might also want to report an incident or injury by the use of a product.
As an importer or retailer, you need to stay up-to-date with the latest regulations and conformity schemes that apply to your business as well as certification and testing facilities. You might also want to request for service through our information desk.
Testing centres or labs could be interested in our criteria and services for conformity assessment bodies (CABs).
Regulators and industry members, who are part of our council, also need information on our activities on a regular basis.
The QCC Information Services Centre collects and organises our corporate knowledge and compiles international quality and standards resources in one location for stakeholders.
Currently, we receive queries through our website, email, call centre or in person through walk-ins at QCC premises. Information is distributed by the Centre through all of these channels.

According to Musanada’s quarterly reviews, we regularly deliver an accuracy of over 99% in operational performance of our information services. The Centre is being developed as a Centre of Excellence and will be accessible to our stakeholders and updated regularly to ensure the provision of accurate and current information round the clock