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What are the responsibilities of manufactures, importers, retailers and consumers?

​​Manufactures should produce products that comply with the technical regulations of the UAE and are certified in accordance with designated procedures to meet the relevant Standards as specified for the UAE.

Importers must ensure that imported products are certified in accordance with designated procedures to meet relevant Standards as specified for the UAE; prior to products’ arrival in UAE.

Retailers/Distributors must ensure that all controlled products sold in Abu Dhabi are certified in accordance with designated procedures to meet relevant Standards as specified for the UAE. They should also make sure mandatory conformity markings as displayed on controlled products (such as GSO marking on toys).

Consumers should look for conformity marking when buying regulated products. The QCC receives consumer enquiries and reports of products that are suspected to be a safety risk.​

What should I do when I suspect that a product is unsafe?

If you are a retailer and you suspect that a product is unsafe then you obligation is to inform QCC and arrange for samples of the product to be tested. Suspect products should be withdrawn from sale until test results confirm that the product is safe.

If you are a consumer and suspect a product is unsafe, stop using the product and inform QCC.

QCC will then investigate the claim and take appropriate action to ensure that other consumers are not injured by the product.​

How can QCC enforce consumer safety programs?

QCC undertakes regular and random market surveillance/monitoring to ensure the safety of products traded in the market. Samples are collected for testing to ensure that products, even those displaying conformity makes, are checked for conformity to Standards.

How can I know about the recalled products?

​As a new entity, QCC is currently building internal capabilities to support our services; a list of recalled products with their details will be published on our website www.qcc.abudhabi.ae .

What do I need to know and do before I sell/ import/ manufacture toys or domestic electrical appliances?

​Contact QCC to obtain the list of regulated products as well as the latest information on standers and relevant conformity schemes prior to manufacturing or importing products.

What is the Environmental performance trustmark?

QCC has developed the Trustmark for Environmental Performance identifying products that meet high environmental and sustainability standards. The Abu Dhabi Trustmark indicates that certified products meet safety standards where the environmental addition to the trust mark also ensures that the product performs with high environmental standards.

What is Water Efficient Fixtures Conformity Scheme?

​The scheme enables suppliers of water fixtures to obtain voluntary certification of products that meet Abu Dhabi's sustainability requirements and plumbing code

How can I get my trustmark?

​If a scheme has been launched for your product typology then you can start by filling in an application found on the website and sending it to conformity@qcc.abudhabi.ae . If your product typology has not been launched then you cannot apply for the trust mark, however suggestions of certain schemes for products are always welcome. Currently only water fixtures can apply to be certified with the environmental performance trustmark.

Will the Trustmark for Environmental Performance be mandatory?

​No, all conformity schemes are voluntary. However the regulator could mandate the use of products only carrying the Trustmark for Environmental Performance.  

What if a supplier applies and fails to receive the Trustmark for Environmental Performance?

Suppliers that do not meet the requirements of Trustmark for Environmental Performance could stay within the market however are not recognized by Abu Dhabi government as a product that meets sustainability criteria. Moreover, product recall and action could be taken towards products that prove not to be safe.

What are the six water fixtures?

​The scheme has been specified for six water fixtures to ensure efficient water usage
1. Public and private bathroom taps
2. Shower heads
3. Kitchen faucets
4. Bidets, Urinals
5. Toilets dual flush

When the mark is granted?

​Products that achieve certification, through formal testing against the scheme criteria, will be granted a Certificate of Conformity and licensed to bare Abu Dhabi Government's Trustmark for Environmental Performance in product promotion and merchandising.

Who are the relevant stakeholders involved?

Stakeholders involve other government agencies such as the Department of Municipal Affairs and the Urban Planning Council. Also, Industry plays an important role within the development of the program.

How will this impact the end consumer?

​Consumers can identify products that are of high quality and meet the plumbing and sustainability needs of Abu Dhabi. This process makes it easier for consumers to select products that meet the Estidama criteria.​
I would like to apply for a job in Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council, what is the process?

If you are a fresh graduate or experienced candidate and you wish to be part of the council talent team, please complete the QCC Employment Application and email it to us at: recruitment@qcc.abudhabi.ae 
Employment Application link: qcc_job_application_new.doc

What are the available vacancies at QCC?

​Currently we are in process of adding the vacancies list on our website. Therefore, please fill in the application and email it torecruitment@qcc.abudhabi.ae

I submitted my job application through QCC website; I want to know the status of my application?

Our team is going to review your application and will be contacted if there is a match with our current opportunities.

What are the main requirements for selling toys in AD market?

​The main requirement is to simply comply with the UAE and the GCC technical regulation of toys. Once you are certain that the toy comply with the technical regulations then you must  attach the GSO Conformity Mark on the toy as well as ensuring the availability of the following information on the toy package:
• Manufacturer’s name and/or trademark 
• Recommended Child’s age 
• Statement if the toy needs the supervision of adults;
• Code number.

What does GSO Conformity Mark mean?

​GSO Mark is the Gulf Conformity Mark. It is a conformity mark that indicates the manufacturer’s and or local representative assurance that the toy comply with the toy requirements adopted by the GCC countries. For more information please visit www.gso.org.sa.